NormaAraosThe MNITF Peer Educator position offers a unique employment opportunity for kidney or kidney/pancreas transplant recipients to use what they learned from their own experiences, in order to educate those who are currently on dialysis and considering the option of transplantation. A Peer Educator provides needed encouragement and support, and offers guidance on proactive health care. MNITF is highly selective when choosing Peer Educators.

Requirements For Peer Educators:

  • Must commit at least 5 hours and up to 30 hours per week (during dialysis business hours)
  • Has received a kidney or kidney/pancreas transplant more than one year ago
  • Must undergo training on how to educate and perform the evaluations
  • Has excellent communication skills (bi-lingual preferred, but not necessary)
  • Is highly motivated and has excellent organizational skills
  • Will travel to an assigned dialysis center in Los Angeles County
  • Will follow the program protocol

Roles & Responsibilities of the Peer Educator:

  • Work as a part-time paid consultant
  • Be a supportive listener
  • Provide information about the treatment option of transplantation
  • Help patients become proactive in their healthcare
  • Encourage patients to communicate with their healthcare team
  • Maintain a professional relationship with the patients

Peer Educators Do Not:

  • Give medical advice or promote or refer to transplant centers

Interested in Becoming a Peer Educator?

For more information, please contact Nicole Mendez, Executive Director: (424) 358-4450 or