Research Grant Program (RGP) Application Process

The Mendez National Institute of Transplantation Foundation (MNITF) welcomes inquiries for financial support of innovative research to advance the science and practice of organ transplantation. There are two opportunities to apply each year, and applicants must submit the following in order to be considered:

STEP 1: Letter of Inquiry and Grant Proposal Cover Sheet must be submitted by June 15th (for July 31st deadline) or November 1st (for December 15th deadline). The Letter of Inquiry must include:

  • A brief description of the organization/investigator
  • A brief description of the project
  • A brief description of the potential impact on the transplant community
  • The amount requested


In this phase, no additional information is needed. The MNITF Research Advisory Board will review the Letter of Inquiry and Grant Proposal Cover Sheet. Those applicants who are selected to submit a grant proposal (Phase 2) will be informed by or July 1st or November 15th.

An invitation to submit a grant proposal indicates that we will review your detailed request for funding but is not a guarantee of an award. All proposals will be given serious consideration by the Research Advisory Board. The top-ranked proposals that exhibit merit, innovation, and the strongest potential to positively impact the advancement of organ transplantation will be recommended to the MNITF Board of Directors, who will make the final award selection(s).

Please address correspondence to:

Nicole Mendez
Executive Director
Mendez National Institute of Transplantation Foundation
2200 West Third Street, Suite 390
Los Angeles, CA 90057

To submit electronically, be sure to put “Grant Proposal” in the subject line and email: Please note that email submissions after midnight on June 15th or November 1st, will be considered late and not eligible for consideration.

STEP 2: If you are selected to submit a formal application, below are the requirements for the application. You will receive a letter inviting you to submit a grant proposal, if selected. Uninvited proposals will not be accepted.

Application deadlines: July 31st and December 15th

Please deliver one digital copy of the application by email to: Please note that email submissions after midnight on July 31st or December 15th, will be considered late and not eligible for consideration.

I. Letter of Support
Junior faculty members must provide a letter of support from their department chair or other unit head discussing the applicant’s commitment to career development, availability of research space and other resources for the proposed research. Established investigators (Full Professor or equivalent) need NOT provide a letter of support.

II. Grant Proposal
The application should be prepared using Arial 11 font on 8 1/2” x 11” paper with 0.5-inch margins all around. Place your name and date header (upper right) and page numbers in the footer (lower right).

Figures, charts, tables, figure legends, and footnotes may use a smaller font size, but no smaller than Arial 9.

      1. Project Title
      2. Organization/Institution
          For-profit or Non-profit?:
      3. Principal Investigator
          Primary Department Affiliation:
          Email Address:
          Mailbox No. or address:
      4. Co-Investigators (if any)
          Primary Department/School Affiliation:
      5. Grants Administrator
          Primary Department/School Affiliation:
          Email Address:
          Mailbox number or address:
      6. Lay Language Abstract (max 300 words)
      7. Research Plan
          a. Specific Aims (1 page maximum)
          b. Research Strategy (3 pages maximum)
          • Significance and innovation
          • Approach and alternative approach(s)
      8. Short description of how the research fits at least one of the four priorities of the program (1 page maximum)
      9. Bibliography (no page limit but limit to no more than 25 references)

III. Overall Budget

  1. Amount Requesting
    • Total amount requesting
    • Total direct costs
    • Total indirect costs (not to exceed 10% of direct costs)
    • Total budget for project.  If budget exceeds amount requesting, is other funding secured? Please explain.
  2. Budget Form (please use PHS 398 Initial Budget Period Form, which can be downloaded from the NIH website as a writeable PDF)
  3. Budget justification: See tables in Overview section for grant amounts to be awarded. Allowable costs include:
    • Salary/benefits for support staff or trainees
    • Student stipends
    • Materials and supplies
    • Indirect costs are allowed, but not to exceed 10% of the direct costs and must be included in the amount requesting.
    • MNITF does not fund: instruments and hardware costing more than $5,000

IV. NIH Style Biosketch (for PI and all co-investigators)

V. NIH Style “Other Funding” Page (for PI and all co-investigators)

VI. Regulatory Approvals:

Provide, if available, documentation of regulatory approvals for human subjects (IRB), animal subjects, use of human stem cells (SCRO), radiation (Radiation Safety Committee), and/or biohazards (Biosafety Committee). Proof if an award is made.