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(November 26, 2015)
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(December 1, 2013)
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Summary: MNIT Debuts Fixing Paco At Premiere Screening and Fundraising Event
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(November 16, 2011)
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Summary: Topic: Testing Cadaveric Specimens for Viral Markers – Challenges and Solutions
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(October 21, 2011)
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Summary: Topic: But Who is Really Testing your Samples
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(October 21, 2011)
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Summary: Fixing Paco – “That’s a Wrap”. Fixing Paco is a 10-episode “telenovela hybrid” educational DVD series about kidney transplantation developed by MNIT
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(October 20, 2011)
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Summary: Monthly Testing Bulletin Provides Insight into Current Aspects of Serology Testing; Tony Hope Laboratory – Transplantation Research Update
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(October 20, 2010)
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Summary: MNIT Fashion Show a Huge Success; The Lincy Foundation Awards a $75,000 grant
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(July 1, 2010)
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Summary: Fashion Show; Save-the-Date; MNIT Research Highlighted at American Transplant Congress
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(February 11, 2010)
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Summary: This Newsletter celebrates the sights and emotions of the 25th Gala Anniversary that was held in October 2009. Additionally, MNIT recognizes its OPO Partner in San Diego, LifeSharing and a Research Partner, nPOD.
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(June 10, 2009)
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Summary: MNIT 25th Anniversary Celebration; MNIT Milestones and Highlights; MNIT Educating the International Transplant Community
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(May 5, 2009)
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Summary: OneLegacy mentioned MNIT in its Spring 2009 issue of ‘The Bridge’; OneLegacy’s Quarterly Newsletter. From the Newsletter, “Unlike other medical laboratories, MNIT’s labs focus exclusively on donor serology, offering the latest technology in screening and practices that are critical for donation to safely occur within very narrow time constraints”.
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(February 20, 2009)
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Summary: New MNIT Website to Further Mission; Serology Laboratory – Completes Record Setting Year in 2008; Community and Patient Education: A year of success in reaching out to dialysis patients
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(October 31, 2008)
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Summary: NIT Research to set Course for National Donor Testing; NIT’s Participation with TRIO/ITNS Symposium
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(June 30, 2008)
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Summary: Dolores Hope donates $1 million Gift for MNIT Research; First International Alport Symposium sponsored by NIT; Education Project Achieving It’s Goals NIT Laboratories Contributing to the Advancement of Organ Transplantation
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(September 30, 2005)
Summary: NIT/USC Form Major Transplant Research Consortium
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(January 15, 2005)
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Summary: Three Named to MNIT Board; Advanced Testing Helps Assure Organ Recipients’ Health
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(June 15, 2004)
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Summary: Foundation President, Wife ‘Giving Back, Building MNIT; Italian Fellow Seeking Kidney/Pancreas Experience; Six NIT Staff Presentations at Transplant Congress
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(November 15, 2003)
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Summary: Gift from Anonymous Living Donor Bonds Two Families: New Immunogenetic (HLA) Lab Speeds, Intensifies Test Results
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(April 15, 2003)
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Summary: MNIT Hires First COO; Multi-Organ Transplant Symposium at Ritz-Carlton
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(November 15, 2002)
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Summary: Minimally Invasive Nephrectomy: A Safe Effective Alternative
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(May 15, 2002)
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Summary: Most successful Gala Produces $400,000 – opening of The Grove; A Tale of Two Sisters and a $100,000 gift
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(April 15, 2000)
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Summary: NIT 1970-2000: 5074 Kidney Transplant; Inaugural Taper Symposium Held in Santa Monica
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(May 15, 1999)
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Summary: S. Mark Taper Foundation Transplant Center Dedicated; NIT Research Lab Focuses on Hepatitis C; 16 Clinical Research Studies Underway
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(November 15, 1998)
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Summary: Post-Transplant Treatment Compliance Critical to Well-Being, Organ Survival
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(November 15, 1997)
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Summary: Panel Certifies Pancreas Transplant Fellowship Program; Organ Shortage Hinders Islet Cell Transplant Potential
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(April 15, 1997)
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Summary: The Heart of NIT: Its Computer Team; Twelve New NIT Studies Aim at Improved Treatment
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(November 15, 1996)
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Summary: Racing Great Carroll Shelby Reviews a Life In Motion… New NIT Headquarters Honors S. Mark Taper
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(May 15, 1996)
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Summary: Kidney-Pancreas Transplantation Offers Possibility of Cure for Diabetic Patients; 12 Research Studies Aim to Enhance Quality of Life
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(November 15, 1995)
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Summary: Renowned Liver Team Joins NIT, St. Vincent
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(April 15, 1995)
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Summary: Three Exciting Prospects Dominate Institute’s Future
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(December 15, 1994)
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Summary: NIT’s New Home to Open in Late ’95; Patient, Graft Survival Extended During
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(March 15, 1994)
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Summary: First NIT Holiday Party – “A Resounding Success”; NIT Skills, Services Serve All San Diego County; Pancreas Transplantation Program for Diabetics Begins at NIT
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(September 15, 1993)
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Summary: Extending the Frontiers, Potential of Transplantation
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(February 15, 1993)
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Summary: NIT President Discusses Institute Goals, Challenges; Sportscaster Charleye Wright: A Truly Grateful Patient
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(October 15, 1990)
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Summary: NIT’s 1st Newsletter Published – An Introduction to NIT’s Mission
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